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Clevedon Swimmers Winter Challenge badge


  • The challenge runs from Oct 2022 to Mar 2023.
  • To take part costs £20 (£15 training + £5 badge & postage)
  • You enter the water at your own risk and must be responsible for your safety at all times.
  • You are responsible for any possessions you bring to a swim
  • If you have any medical concerns, it’s important that you speak to your GP before swimming in cold water.


  • Ideally, swim with a buddy, or keep swims short if alone
  • Take extra clothes to help warm up after you get out. 
  • Don’t drive or cycle straight after you get out, make sure you are properly warm before setting off
  • Read THESE ARTICLES, particularly if you are new to cold water swimming


Please complete the form below. The cost is £20 (£5 badge/postage + £15 first aid course). At the training step: if you don’t want training, tick none; if you cannot attend weekends, tick none and add a comment with a better time for you. When we know numbers, we’ll arrange session dates for your to choose.

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