cold water swimming

cold is emotional


The page is intended to pull together information from a range of sources, such as health websites to medical journals, to describe the complex physiological and emotional responses exhibited when you go for a swim in cold water. It summarise a complex subject so it is not exhaustive, though it covers many questions and topic raised about cold water swimming. It is intended as a reference to dip into, but makes more sense if you read through it all. We learned a lot researching it and hope it helps you too. All the sites used are listed in the references at the end, if you want to dig deeper yourself. If you spot and errors or have questions not covered, send a message via our contacts page. 


  • This articles is not intended to tell you where to swim, how to swim, when to swim, what to wear, which are up to you.
  • You always swim at your own risk. If unsure – book an open water coaching session, see our contact page.
  • Cold water swimming should be avoided by anyone with an underlying heart condition. If in doubt, consult your doctor.