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If you plan to swim at Clevedon, either in the sea or in the lake, we strongly suggest you check out our  local swimming page.

Clevedon Tides

26 February 2024

Time Type Height
02:36 low 1.45m
08:09 high 12.31m
14:57 low 1.71m
20:29 high 12.07m

27 February 2024

Time Type Height
03:09 low 1.71m
08:40 high 12.14m
15:25 low 2.03m
20:57 high 11.89m

28 February 2024

Time Type Height
03:29 low 2.01m
09:06 high 11.93m
15:39 low 2.28m
21:21 high 11.7m

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