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We hope all our events will go ahead in 2021 but they will be subject to covid19. We may show intended dates below BUT only open bookings later, when there’s a good chance they will go ahead. 

There are our usual events – Long Swim, SwimRun and Aquathlon. We also have some new events: fun events like the Pie-Athlon; onshore events where you don’t get wet;

We may also advertise PARTNER events. These are organised by others and we are only providing payment processing. Please refer to their Terms & Conditions for more details. 

Finally, we’re always open to suggestions, so if there’s something you’d like to see as an event send us your suggestion or contact us if you need any more information. 

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Nov20 - Mar21

Partner event

14 Aug

Clevedon Open Water Events


A course split into five runs with a short swim in between each, two in the lake and two in the sea. Don’t worry about changing, you keep your running gear on to swim and carry your swimming gear when you run.

28 Aug

Clevedon Open Water Events


Swimmers walk to Ladye Bay, where the race starts after the tide turns. They are then carried swiftly back on the River Severn’s famously fast tide, under the Grade 1 pier and finish at Clevedon beach. 

Clevedon Open Water Events


Swim. Change. Run. Finish. Easy! There are two distances to choose and you can enter as an individual or as a team of two, one swimmer and one runner.

Clevedon Open Water Events


This is a leisurely event starting at the Sailing Club, walk/run/cycle/skip to the lake, swim/dip/paddle, return for a pie, drink and chat. 

Clevedon Open Water Events


A social event with a couple of locals talk about how outdoor swimming helped them cope better. Price includes pasty, drinks available to purchase from the bar. 

Clevedon Open Water Events


Aimed at children aged 8-10, fun and games while learning how to stay safe, float to survive, and safely rescue someone. This is a dry event, no getting wet involved.