These Terms were last modified on 29 May 2021

The following terms and conditions cover use of this website and components.


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  3. Partner: another event organiser whose event we advertise or process entry payments

Notice of Agreement

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  3. Therefore, we ask that you check and review this Agreement for such changes on an occasional basis. Should you not agree to any provision of this Agreement or any changes we make to this Agreement, we ask and advise that you do not use or continue to access this website immediately.

Information accuracy

  1. This site and its components are offered for informational purposes only.
  2. This site shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.

Intellectual Property

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Links to other websites

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Privacy Policy

  1. We are the Data Controller of personal data we process in providing goods to you.
  2. We retain and use all personal information strictly under our PRIVACY POLICY

Governing law

  1. The contract is governed by the law of England & Wales.
  2. We try to avoid any disputes and deal with complaints in the following way: if a dispute occurs customers should contact us to find a solution. We will aim to reply with an appropriate solution within 14 days. Please contact us using our contact email address below

Contact Us

  1. If you have any questions about this Agreement, please feel free to CONTACT US

The following terms and conditions cover online purchases and event bookings through our website

Products & services

  1. Products includes goods, events, and services offered by SHORE GOOD EVENTS CIC
  2. All Products which appear in this website are subject to availability. Event entries are limited for safety reasons.
  3. The description of the products is for illustrative purposes and there may be discrepancies in the Products supplied e.g. changes to an event course for safety purposes.
  4. The price of Products and any additional charges is set out on the website at the date of the order

Sales process

  1. By placing an order on this website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
  2. The description of the Products in our website does not constitute a contractual offer to sell the Products. When an order has been made via our website, we can reject it for any reason, and we will endeavour to tell you why with minimum delay.
  3. If for we are unable to fulfil any part of your order, we will notify you as soon as is practicable, and we will refund your payment method within 14 days of so doing.
  4. Each step of our order process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your order. It is your responsibility to check you have completed the order process correctly.
  5. By placing the order, you agree to us sending you an Order Confirmation by email, confirming the Contract, and containing all information about your order within it. You will receive the Order Confirmation within a reasonable time after your order, but not later than 14 days after your order.
  6. You must check the Order Confirmation is complete and accurate and inform us immediately of any errors. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies in the order placed by you.
  7. You are required to pay the total of the order when you place the order. 
  8. You must pay by submitting your credit or debit card details with your order so we can take payment before delivery of the Products.
  9. All payments go to Shore Good Events CIC (co. reg. 12185503), a community interest company trading as Clevedon Open Water Events.

The following terms and conditions cover participating in any Clevedon Open Water events

Event Applications 

  1. By applying to participate in an event organised by us, you agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions.
  2. Our events are intended for all abilities.  If you have a disability, please contact us to discuss how we can safely include you in our event.
  3. Applications will be accepted up to the event closing date or event participants limit.
  4. All entrants must complete an event entry form which will be provided as a downloadable form following payment processing.
  5. Under 18s may participate, please refer to the section below – UNDER 18 CONSENT FORM

Safety id-tag

  1. You will be issued with an ID-tag which must be worn the entire event and must be handed back at the finish.

Event administration

  1. We reserve the right to amend the course to stage the event, any change will be communicated to you at the event or sooner if practicable.
  2. All decisions and rulings by the organisers are considered final, particularly those relating to the safety, running and organisation of the event.


  1. The organisers have the final say over a person’s participation in or removal from the event.
  2. You may be asked to withdraw from the event or be redirected if unable to make enough progress within safety timelines set by officials for the event.
  3. Participants withdrawing must inform an event official and return their ID-tag.

Refunds & cancellation

  1. Refunds: can only be provided if the participant informs us 4 weeks prior to the event start date and may be subject to charges e.g. where we have already incurred event running costs.
  2. Transfers: participants MUST inform us if they wish to transfer their entry to another person and will only be allowed up to 2 weeks before an event. We prepare event safety documentation before each event, including medical information and next of kin details.
  3. We may cancel the event if circumstances beyond our control occur that pose a safety risk. Where this happens far enough in advance of the event, we will endeavour to offer a refund minus any costs we may have incurred. If we cancel on the day, we will be unable to offer any refund.

Use of images

  1. You accept that photographs and video of the event and its participants may be taken by anyone and the organisers may use them later for our publicity purposes.

Legal disclaimer:

Fitness to enter
  1. By entering an event, you are immediately agreeing to this liability disclaimer and you acknowledge:
    1. The decision to take part is your own decision and at your own risk.
    2. You understand and accept our events may require prolonged and strenuous physical exertion, are subject to the unpredictability of the weather and you are responsible for your own safety.
    3. You confirm that you are medically fit to participate and are unaware of any health or other condition which may affect your ability to safely take part in the event and will only take part if medically fit and well to do so.
    4. You agree to follow all safety rules and instructions given by marshals at our events.
Open Water swimming

Our events take place in the following places:

    • the sea, usually between Ladye Bay and Little Harp beach. The stretch between Ladye Bay and the pier has no exits and takes about 30mins from entry to exit. Conditions are often choppy, with wave heights varying with wind speed and direction, as well as tidal flow, often above head height. Debris from natural seaweed and large branches to discarded rubbish can float down with the tide. There are submerged rocks along the shore. The average water temperature will be from about 14C in June to 18C in August and September.
    • Clevedon Marine Lake is 250m long by 100m at its widest and the depth is over head height near the sea wall decreasing to about 1m deep beside the pathway. The lake is shared with other users, like casual swimmers, SUP, and kayakers. The lake floor is a mix of natural mud, rocks and shells and debris.
  1. Where the event involves open water swimming, you acknowledge:
    1. You are a confident open water swimmer and capable of participating in the event without additional water-based safety support
    2. You accept the risks associated with open water swimming e.g. colliding with other swimmers or objects floating or submerged in the water; drowning; hypothermia, the risk of which is increased by NOT wearing a wetsuit.
Liability Disclaimer
  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you accept and agree to exempt and release: (a) SHORE GOOD EVENTS CIC (b) each individual acting on behalf of SHORE GOOD EVENTS CIC (c) any other person who assumes responsibility for the safety of participants in our events for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death however caused, including but not limited to the negligence of them, whether passive or active

The following terms and conditions cover under 18 year olds participating in any Clevedon Open Water events

  1. Under 18s may participate where an U18 CONSENT FORM signed by their parent or guardian has been provided.
  2. Minimum age allowed is 12 by event date, unless pre-agreed with the event organisers