LOCAL swimming

keep it safe


The following is a short guide to swimming at Clevedon, based on KNOWLEDGE & PRACTISES of local swimmers.

DO NOT rely on it, do your own research, and decide whether or not to swim based on YOUR abilities and prevailing conditions.

Ideally, join local swimmers and seek their advice or book a session with a local open water coach.


Below assumes you are a competent sea swimmer and provides the barest knowledge about where/when/conditions.

If you are NOT an experienced sea swimmer or don’t know the area then the following provides further local knowledge. 

Swim preparation tips to mitigate against a small incident escalating to an emergency call out. 

Lake swimming

Many people prefer Clevedon’s Marine Lake to the sea for various reasons: lack of currents, wider swimming window, ease of parking, better disabled access. BEFORE VISITING always check Clevedon Marine Lake’s website and Facebook page, and observe the following:

Swimming with a disability

A couple of swimmers have kindly provided the following views about Clevedon marine lake.

Tidal science

This section provides an introduction to the sea, the tides, what causes them and how air pressure and wind affects sea conditions.



Below shows the recent storms on 13th March 2021. It shows the very rough and choppy conditions we experience but not the big waves on more exposed coasts. The video also demonstrate “clapotis”, where an incoming waves bounces back from a surface to hit an incoming tide and create a bigger wave as a result. (credit: Sophia Wollschlager)