about us

origins & aims

Our aims

We’re a loose knit group of people and clubs putting on fun and achievable events for the benefit of the community. We aim to be inclusive of all abilities, so if you want to take part we’ll try and find a way!

Some events involve swimming in Clevedon sea or marine lake, others are onshore and sometimes less strenuous.

We don’t offer extras like t-shirts and medals, partly to keep prices affordable and partly to minimise any environmental impact. Refreshments are served before and after each event but if you need a mid-course drink please bring your own water bottle.

Money raised from these events is reinvest back into the seafront and wider community, benefiting people, clubs, charities and businesses. To see how, click the button below.

Need help?

As well as putting on our own events, we also provide advice, encouragement, support and equipment to others who’d like to put on a seashore event for the community or preferred charity but don’t know where to start.

So, please get in touch if you have an idea or need some time and equipment, we’ll be happy to help.