about us

origins & aims

Our aims

We’re a loose knit group of people and clubs putting on fun and achievable events for the benefit of the community. We aim to be inclusive of all abilities, so if you want to take part we’ll try and find a way!

Some events involve swimming in Clevedon sea or marine lake, others are onshore and relaxed or educational.

We keep our prices affordable to encourage more people to have a go. As a result, we don’t usually offer extras like t-shirts and medals, and we avoid plastic wherever possible, so please bring your own water bottles.

Money we raise we aim to reinvest back into the seafront or wider community, benefiting people, clubs, charities and businesses. To see some examples of what we did in 2020 despite lockdown, please click the button below.

Our future

As well as putting on our own events, we also provide advice, encouragement, support and equipment to others who’d like to put on a seashore event for the community or preferred charity but don’t know where to start.

So, please get in touch if you have an idea or need some time and equipment, we’ll be happy to help.

Our history

2016 – Could we?

Organising the 2016 Long Swim was our first challenge when the previous organisers stepped down. There wasn’t a race in 2015 and it looked like the end for this historic swim, going since 1928. So, what started as a question – could we do it? – became reality with help from Clevedon Canoe Club and Clevedon Sailing Club. There were 85 swimmers and the money raised was donated to MARLENS.

2017 – Overambitious?

Over a beer or two, we readily agreed to do it all again the next year as well as three Aquathlons and a SwimRun (relatively unknown outside of Scandinavia at that time).

In hindsight, we underestimated the effort to organise five events around fickle English weather and challenging tides. However, all the events were a success, raising more money for charity.

2018 – Investing

We learnt some lessons and made some changes. One aquathlon was enough. The SwimRun would grow in popularity but we changed the course to avoid crossing roads. Stopwatches need expertise to use, which isn’t guaranteed every event, and more entries brings increased H&S risks.

So we invested in scannable ID-tags, mainly for safety, to track who had finished, but they also provided race times too. We paid for water event safety training for Clevedon Canoe Club, who were game to get insight to a swimmer’s world of foggy goggles, blocked ears, and racing hearts! We also bought Clevedon Sailing Club some waterproof VHF radios to beef up sea-to shore-communications between safety teams.

2019 – Restructuring

In 2019, we set up as a CIC (community interest company) to provide a better structure for our charitable aims. Doing this made us review our direction and interests. Certainly it’s open water and raising money for good causes – we’d raised over £10k for MARLENS by then. But we needed to grow and diversify, supporting other causes, and offering other events, including onshore – and that’s why our CIC is called Shore Good Events CIC.

2020 – Lockdown

This was a sad and difficult year for everyone. Despite covid19 and lockdown, we managed a few community projects using money kindly donated by people who’d booked one of our cancelled events but refused a refund.