clevedon swimrun

run - swim - repeat


Clevedon SwimRun is a short distance: about 6k running and 1k of swimming, split into five short runs each divided by a 250m swim in Clevedon marine lake.

  1. The run starts at the Sailing Club, goes along the promenade, past the bandstand, across the beach to the lake.
  2. Swim up the lake, exit and turn left past the small pool and up the steps, go down past the kiddies playground, up the footpath beside the flats and clockwise round Poets Walk. Return to the lake via the top ramp to swim down the lake.
  3. Exit the lake, head across the beach and along the prom and round the bandstand then back across the beach to the lake.
  4. Repeat [2] above
  5. Exit the lake, head across the beach and along the prom to finish at the Sailing Club where refreshments are available.

Clevedon SwimRun is ideal for a beginner or expert, it’s like a tough park run with some swimming included. You don’t need any special kit, it can be done in running shorts, t-shirt and old pair of trainers.  There are two class of entry:

  • INDIVIDUAL – do it all yourself, you know you want to. Entry is £20 per person.
  • TEAM – find a buddy and split the effort, typically a runner and a swimmer, or do a lap each. Teams members get time out to chat to others while waiting for their turn and it builds a bit of friendly competition to add to the experience.  Entry is £20 per team.

We also welcome disabilities but please contact us to discuss your needs. 



  • Registrations is at the Sailing Club (BS21 7QU), see below for 
  • You will be given an ID-tag to wear throughout the race.
  • Wear the ID-tag facing upwards to help faster scanning (OUTSIDE your wetsuit if wearing one).


  • Please bring your own swim hat if you choose to wear one. 
  • You can leave kit safely at the Sailing Club.
  • There are hot showers downstairs.


  • The briefing will be outside the Sailing Club. Please leave a corridor for pedestrians to walk past.
  • The start will immediately after the briefing. Faster runners start at the front, slower at the back.


    • Tea, coffee and bacon and veggie rolls will be available in the Sailing Club 



  • We share the paths, please watch out for other runners and pedestrians, avoid collisions and give way if necessary.
  • Pass others in front carefully, give them a polite shout telling them which side you are passing them on. 
  • There will be a marshal at each transition point giving directions.
  • The Poets Walk part of the course will be marked with yellow arrows discretely spray painted on the paths. Look for them and don’t assume the person in front is part of the race!


  • We share the lake water and surround, please watch out for other swimmers and lake users.
  • DO NOT dive or jump into the lake, there are submerged rocks. Use the steps or slide in from the side. 
  • Sight often, avoid swimming over other swimmers and lake users.
  • Swim at your own pace, relax and enjoy the event
  • Most of the lake is shallow, put your feet down if you need a rest.
  • If you are in a deep area, float on your back and raise an arm and someone will come to you.
  • If you need to withdraw: exit the water, inform a marshal and return your ID-tag, which we use to count everyone has finished safely.



  • Minimum age is 12 by event date. Under 18s must provide a U18 CONSENT FORM
  • Disabilities welcome, please contact us to discuss how we can safely include you
  • We use ID-tags for safety, to check everyone has finished. They also record race times, but occasionally can fail, so we suggest you bring your own watch if your time is important to you.


  • If we consider the weather a threat to safety, such as strong winds or lightning, we will cancel the event.
  • Clevedon Marine Lake water quality is monitored by the the local charity that looks after the lake. Occasionally, the water is considered unsafe to swim, which would cause us to cancel. 
  • We will endeavour to inform everyone of cancellation well in advance, however, sometimes a final decision can only be made on the day, in which case we will tell you at registration.
  • If we need to cancel on the day, due to costs incurred, we will not offer a refund.


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