polar bear challenge

social winter dipping

We are collecting money on behalf of MARLENS for this year’s Polar Bear Challenge, aimed at encouraging swimming through the winter in a safe and social way while raising money for good a cause. More from Hilary Jenkins-Spangler about this year’s event below.

Hi wonderful swimmy people! Last year’s set-your-own-challenge was a huge success. We raised £2,400 towards a disabled hoist! (MARLENS are covering my the remaining £2,600.) It will be purchased in October as North Somerset Council have generously given us use of the crazy golf office to convert into a disabled changing room with storage for the hoist.

This year, the fundraiser challenge will go towards new lake signage to keep visitors safe and informed about using the lake and how to help fund and maintain it long into the future. 

The challenge is informal, so you don’t need to prove you swam. It’s intended to be fun – you do not get extra points for nerve damage in your fingers because you stayed in too long! Tell your family/friends they’ll keep you honest and motivated! 

REMEMBER to stay safe:

  • Swim at your own risk!
  • Swim with a buddy
  • Take warm clothes and hot drink to warm you up after you get out 
  • Don’t drive or cycle straight after you get out, make sure you have properly warmed up before setting off
  • Avoid taking a hot shower or bath until you’ve warmed up

If you have any question, please contact Hilary Jenkins-Spangler: community@clevedonmarinelake.co.uk

Have a great winter swimming season, Hilary

Below are a few helpers

To take part:

  • This event is between Oct 2021 to 14 Feb 2022
  • Registration is £15 (includes a sew on badge, seee below)
  • Set your own SAFE challenge: this can be swimming and/or volunteering at the lake. For example: Swim 2x per week; swim 200m, 2x per week; a litter pick once a week/help with set up of disabled hoist. OR all the above!

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