clevedon pie athlon

walk/run - swim - SUP - PIE


This is a social event, not a race, so do as much or a little as you want but enjoying yourself and eating pie is a must. Walk or run to lake, have a swim, SUP a bit, return to Clevedon Brewery, eat pie with drinks from the bar. 


  • You can leave kit at your own risk.


  • WALKING/RUNNING – we share the paths, pass anyone carefully.
  • SWIMMING – swim at your own risk, there will NOT be any lifeguards. DO NOT dive or jump into the lake. 
  • SUP – follow SUPway advice and guidance


  • Please follow the latest government guidance. 
  • The Clevedon Brewery do not require masks but leave it to the discretion of patrons

It is approx 1.15km to the lake. Allow about 30 mins if you walk slowly


THIS IS A SOCIAL EVENT, not a race – do as much or as little as you want:

  2. Make your own way to the lake (walk/run or even cycle).  You can either come to the Brewery and leave kit (at your own risk) or go direct to the lake from home.
  3. Dip or swim as far as you want in the time allowed 
  4. Go to SUPway Hire (big blue SUP by the model boat pool), we have arranged for everyone to have a go. There will be a small challenge, yet to be decided, either running along a line of tethered boards to see who can get the furthest, or a short slalom and your best yoga pose.
    1. Give Dan or Skye your entry number so they can tick you off their list.
    2. They will advise you on safety, please follow their advice, it is your choice if you decide to have a go.
  5. PIES SERVED 19:30 at the Clevedon Brewery. There will be a prize draw of a £30 voucher to spend at SUPway Hire

Bar will be open to purchase your own drinks. Included in entry price:

  • pie (meat or veggie options only)
  • short go on a SUP. 


Thanks to the following local businesses for helping us put on this event.